Client Journey Part 2: Real Skin Transformation using Mirconeedling and PRP

Hello readers! If you have already checked out our blog, you will find that this story is part of a larger skincare journey that we are currently chronicling. This story is part two of our client’s skincare journey. You can read our first story, Client Journey Part 1: Turning Back the Clock with PRP + Microneedling to get caught up on where we are in the process. This latest story documents the second PRP + Microneedling session with The Skin Strategists, offering a real life experience with a real client.

Client Journey Part 2: Real Skin Transformation using Mirconeedling and PRP

As you may have read in our previous post, I am a 40-year-old woman who tries to take care of my skin, eats well (mostly), workout and so forth. But, like many of us, I juggle everyday stressors like being a mom, an adult, a businesswoman, a wife and so on. Life is hard—there is no doubt about that. And, right or wrong, there is a lot a pressure to look younger--whether it is pressure I put on myself or pressure from external forces, I can’t be certain, but it is there. Our desire to look younger is a reality.

When I think about it, what I really hope for is to age gracefully. Aging cannot be helped and there is no stopping that, but I do not see any reason why I cannot try to maintain some semblance of my youth that I can be satisfied with as I grow older. On that note, plastic surgery scares me because there is really no going back after cosmetic surgery. When I see a celebrity who has undergone major “anti-aging” plastic surgery on their face--I can tell--and depending on how drastic the change, I don’t know that I ever feel they somehow look better than before. I can tell you that I watched "The Hills" on MTV and watched the results of Heidi Montag’s cosmetic surgery choices—and the resulting regret she pronounced some 10 years later in a recent interview with People Magazine. I remember feeling sorry for her and thinking she was so much prettier before all that cosmetic surgery.

A More Sensible Anti-Aging Approach

When it comes to “anti-aging, the approach that I think makes more sense applying subtle enhancements to natural beauty that allow us to maintain and preserve what we have. That is why I love Dr. Andie Shin and her approach to beauty. As I mentioned before, she is a strong advocate of enhancing and preserving natural beauty without overdoing. Her favorite thing to hear clients say is that they are getting compliments on how good they look without people being able to pinpoint exactly what has changed. In fact, I told her recently “I’ve had several compliments recently ‘that I looked great’ and specifically a couple of people have said, I can’t quite say what is different, but you look great.” Dr. Shin explains, “It’s partly confidence and partly subtle enhancements... by making small improvements you both look and feel better.”

Okay, so part two of my journey entailed session two of three of PRP with Microneedling. Again, if you have read our previous post, you can see fairly detailed images and explanations of the microneedling process. Session two, here we go.

For this treatment session, Dr. Shin partnered with the Organic Spa for the microneedling and PRP application. Dr. Shin drew my blood and spun my PRP. Olena Levanda of the Organic Spa performed the mirconeedling. Readers, I will tell you, my second session was no joke!

I was laid down comfortably in the Organic Spa treatment room. Olena prepped my skin with some lymphatic massage and a gentle organic lactic acid peel. Then she applied numbing cream, and while we waited for my face to become numb, she massaged my shoulders, arms, and hands. Then, it was time for the mirconeedling! Because I responded so well to the first treatment, Olena pushed my skin a little harder. She worked my skin, needled and drenched, needled and drenched, focusing on stubborn areas, but also being sure to cover my entire face.

Microneedling effects

For the most part, I didn't feel anything and handled the treatment well. Admittedly, toward the end, I was like, okay, this is legit. At the end my skin was hot, tight, and red, but that is what’s supposed to look like and how you’re supposed to feel. In that case I was right on track! Upon finishing, Olena pressed a hyaluronic acid into my skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by your body and its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. It is also used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Once dressed, I was whisked down the hall for a CryoFacial with Capital Cryo.

CryoFacial with Capital Cryo

Readers, I can tell you that CryoFacial felt amazing on my fresh hot skin--just what the doctor ordered! As I lay there basking in the cool refreshment of my CryoFacial, I began to look forward to the days to follow and watching my skin progress from microneedling treatment.

Once I got home, I did not wash my face and slept with the PRP and serum still on my skin. That first night rest is critical because your immune system really does its best healing work that first night with the PRP still on your skin. The next morning, I gently rinsed my skin in the shower and applied a special serum Dr. Shin gave me. I also periodically moistened my skin with a Rosemary water, also given to me by Dr. Shin. Those combined helped keep my skin stay calm and moist allowing it to heal over the course of the next several days.

While Dr. Shin is a major advocate of PRP and Mirconeedling (3 treatments for most people), she also believes that injectables are a big part of the preservation process, especially Botox. Dr. Shin explains, “to really enjoy the full benefits of mircroneedling with PRP, you really need a little Botox too.”

About a week later I went into see Dr. Shin for my follow-up injections. The primary area of focus was my forehead because that’s really where my aging has started to become visible. My neck is also becoming problem (but we will address that another time). Now readers, I will tell you, I never thought I was a Botox kind of person! 10 years ago I probably would have said no way, but, then you turn 40 and start to look kind of angry—like you develop sort of a resting angry face simply due to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I don’t want to look chronically angry! I just want to look like myself and truth be told, Botox helps a lot!

Botox areas of injection

Again, what I love about Dr. Shin is that she’s very conservative when it comes to injectables and uses them sparingly on my face. I don’t want a ton, just what I need and that is exactly what she does. She went to work on my face strategically injecting small amounts in my forehead, a bit around my crow’s feet, and a tad around my nasolabial folds. I really like her approach because I do not feel “frozen” despite the fact I have Botox in my face. I do notice it a bit in my forehead, but it is subtle. I still feel like myself!

On top of that, Dr. Shin has done something else for me that I totally love—my lips! She is amazing when it comes to enhancing lips with lip filler! She is so good with lip injections that I felt that process deserved its own story—so be on the lookout for that coming soon.

Here’s my advice. If you’re starting to notice that your anti-aging skincare regime isn’t quite as effective as it used to be, that’s your signal that it’s time for something more. Of course, I highly recommend Dr. Shin because of her strategic and conservative approach. When you’re ready to take the next step in your skincare journey, you want that process and relationship to be a trusted one, and Dr. Shin offers that. Stay tuned for part three of my skincare journey as well as other upcoming stories from The Skin Strategists. Below you can view my skin progression and healing.

Day 2 Post Microneedling with PRP treatment

Day 4 Post Microneedling with PRP treatment
Day 6 Post Microneedling with PRP treatment

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